On board The River Queen, we serve fresh, hearty and delicious food, paired with premium beers and some of Marlborough's finest wines.



On board The River Queen, we serve fresh, hearty and delicious food, paired with premium beers and some of Marlborough's finest wines.

On the River Queen, the food and beverages are a big part of your river cruise experience. Choose finger food items to be shared with your guests throughout the cruise, or make one of our buffet meals centre-stage, as the sites and sounds of the Opawa River drift leisurely by.

Our menu reflects the seasons and the bountiful fresh produce Marlborough has available, while our beverage and wine lists are a selection of the finest the region has to offer. 


Some amendments can be made to these menus to suit your tastes or dietary requirements, but they may incur extra costs. Please contact us to discuss changes. All prices are GST inclusive.


Buffet 1 - $32.50

Ham off the bone served hot with gravy

New baby minted potatoes


Green Salad

Mustard herb and Potato Salad

Dinner rolls


Christmas Fruit Pies

Fruit Salad and cream


Buffet 2 - $35.00

Chicken curry with rice

Dinner rolls

Cold shaved ham platter

Mesclun Salad

Pasta Salad

Potato Salad


Chocolate mud slice

Cheesecake slice


Buffet 3 - $42.50

Roast Pork with apple sauce, crackling, and gravy

Roastie selection of potato, pumpkin, and kumara

Steamed vegetable selection with hollandaise sauce

Potato, bacon and herb salad

Mesclun Salad

Chicken pasta salad

Dinner rolls



Fruit salad and cream 


Buffet 4 - $45.00

Ham on the bone

Hot honey soy chicken drums

Potato gratin

Minted peas

Mesclun salad


Potato and seeded mustard salad

Dinner rolls



Fresh salad and cream


Xmas fruit pies


Buffet 5 - $45.00

Roast Beef and gravy

Roastie selection of potato, kumara, and pumpkin

Steamed seasonal vegetables with hollandaise sauce

Shaved ham platter with mustard

Chicken pesto pasta salad

Greek Mesclun salad

Bacon and mustard potato salad

Dinner rolls


Pavlova and fruit salad

Xmas fruit pies


Buffet 6 - $55.00

Hot glazed ham

Roast Beef and gravy

Roast potatoes, kumara, and pumpkin

Minted Peas

Cold glazed chicken drums

Bacon and herb potato salad

Seafood pasta salad

Greek Mesclun salad

Dinner rolls


Xmas pudding with brandy custard and whipped cream

Fruit salad



Choices include the following items, and for a light meal you generally  require 4 to 5 pieces per person. Talk to us to design a menu that suits your tastes and budget. 


Deep-Fried Spring Rolls

Fish Bites

Satay Chicken


Asparagus Rolls

Corn Fritters

Chicken Rollswontons/Dumplings

Savoury Muffins

Assorted Sushi

Sausage Rolls

Club Sandwiches

Tempura Prawns

Smoked Salmon On Croute

Tempura Vegetables

Lamb, Pork, Or Beef Kebabs

Prawn Twisters

Honey Soy Chicken Nibbles

Fresh Fruit Kebabs

Salt And Pepper Squid

Sweet Slices Selection

Chicken Nuggets




We provide a selection of premium beverages - including award-winning Marlborough craft beers, and some of the best Marlborough wines. We are also happy to help if there is something in particular you would like us to have available for your function.


Marlborough Sparkling Pinot Gris $10

Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon $32 / $8


White Wines

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc $32 / $8

Marlborough Pinot Gris $32 / $8

Marlborough Riesling $32 / $8

Marlborough Chardonnay $30 / $8

Marlborough Riesling $35 / $8.50

Noble Riesling (75ml)  $42 / $8


Red Wines

Central Otago Pinot Noir $50

Marlborough Pinot Noir  $35 / $8.50

Hawkes Bay Merlot $39 / $9          

Hawkes Bay Syrah $35 / $8.50


Renaissance Tap Beer 

Paradox Pilsner 4%  425ml $8.50, 320ml $6.50

Second Tap Option Available (Will Vary) 


Bottled Beers 

Heineken 5% $7.50

Corona 4.5% $8.00

Speights 4% $6.50

   Light beers 2.5%  $6.00

Export Citrus 2% $7.00



Apple Cider  $7.50

Rekorderlig Swedish Cider $10.00



We Have A Wide Range Of Spirits And Mixers.

Let us know if you have anything in particular you would like us to provide.



 Jim Beam And Cola  $8.00

Coruba And Cola $8.00   

Smirnoff Ice $8.00


Soft Drinks

Coke & Diet, Lemonade & Zero  425ml $4.00, 320ml $3.00, Kids Size $2.00

Lemon, Lime And Bitters   425ml $4.50

Bundaberg Ginger Beer Bottle $4.80

Variety Of Juice Available   425ml $5.00, 320ml $3.50


Selection of Teas and Coffee